Charles Lindbergh:
The Lone Eagle

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Charles Lindbergh:
The Lone Eagle

Soar with Lucky Lindy in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis as he battles bad weather, exhaustion — and ghosts — to emerge as the first pilot ever to fly nonstop from New York to Paris. Experience the crushing worldwide fame that overwhelms this shy Minnesota country boy when he lands at Le Bourget Airport. Meet the young and beautiful Anne Morrow, who would marry him and blossom into one of the world’s first female pilots and a world-renowned author. Witness the heartbreak of their son’s kidnapping and murder and the garish spectacle of the ensuing “Trial of the Century.”

Written and performed by Steve Carroll

  • Intriguing

    Charles Lindbergh continues to intrigue us decades after his death — and Steve Carroll’s riveting play has mesmerized audiences all around the country in his portrayal of this fascinating American icon.

  • Controversial

    Lindbergh’s controversial anti-war opinions led to unfair accusations of Nazi sympathies, which he dispelled as a heroic World War II fighter pilot. Fly with him in a terrifying dogfight with a Japanese fighter plane over the South Pacific in the war’s closing days, then discover the shocking double life he led in his later years that has only recently come to light!

  • Captivating

    “Charles Lindbergh: The Lone Eagle” has captivated audiences all over the U.S., as Steve Carroll has performed his compelling play for audiences of all ages.

Joan B. Stadsklev, DirectorChipola College — Fine and Performing Arts

Thank you for your excellent presentation of CHARLES LINDBERGH: THE LONE EAGLE as part of our Chipola Artist Series. Students and town folk alike were totally engaged and one could barely hear a pin drop throughout your entire performance. I thought the PowerPoint of Lindbergh family pictures and well placed sound effects enhanced your already strong one man play. Thank you again for coming and for sharing this historical figure with us. It was not only entertaining but very educational as well.

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