Your one-man show, CHARLES LINDBERGH: THE LONE EAGLE, was a joy to watch and present!

Your one-man show, CHARLES LINDBERGH: THE LONE EAGLE, was a joy to watch and present!

Across the board, patron feedback was extremely positive and heartfelt. There is no question our patrons were thoroughly enamored and entranced with your performance and, I’m sure, all of the fascinating information about Charles Lindbergh. I have no doubt that other than his transcontinental flight and his son’s kidnapping and murder, the audience had little knowledge of the rest of his life which your show brings to light in an extremely entertaining and professionally performed manner. Your energy and strong focus on stage kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Though intense, there are a good number of laughs in the show making it a well-balance presentation. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the show is your admission that you show Lindbergh “warts and all.” This has the potential to be quite challenging to audiences, but no doubt makes it extremely theatrical and gives the show a real gravitas which is sometimes missing from historical presentations.

I have no doubt that any venue would be as enamored of CHALRES LINDBERGH: THE LONE EAGLE as our patrons and I were. Your engagement in a question and answer session after the performance is an added bonus for the audience and creates a very solid connection between you and the audience – much like icing on a very delicious cake!

I recommend your show without reservation to any venue!

Thank you again for being so easy to work with, your complete professionalism and, of course, a fabulously first-rate show!

Jon Meyer
PCA Executive Director
Prescott Center For The Arts
Prescott, AZ

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