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Steve Carroll as Charles Lindbergh

Rave Reviews For Charles Lindbergh: The Lone Eagle

“Carroll’s Lindbergh is a truly fine piece of theatre! That he resembles the famous flyer is a bonus. Carroll carries us up and down the aviator’s rollercoaster life … No one save Lindbergh himself could have known all that Carroll unearthed for this show. It’s a soaring production. Don’t miss it!”
— Kim Cool, The Venice Gondolier, Venice, FL

“The performance is outstanding! The audience was mesmerized. Lindbergh was complex, opinionated and private; he is not an easy man to understand, to write about or to portray. Carroll makes Lindbergh accessible at all levels — first as playwright, and second as the one and only actor on stage … He’s a professional, and it shows!”

— Jan Findley, The Sun-Herald, Port Charlotte, FL

“An outstanding, well-researched and compassionately performed story! I was attracted to the show because I am a Lindbergh historian and Mr. Carroll has obviously done his homework. He has gathered all the pertinent facts, but has added a personal side to the story that has never found its way into any of the books and movies I’ve seen about Col. Lindbergh. It was thrilling!”

— Mike Warmington, Tip Sheet To a Hip Town, Red Bank, NJ

A spectacular one-man show! Carroll transfixes the crowd from the moment he sweeps onto the stage, speaking frankly — from the afterlife — about Lindbergh’s triumphs, tribulations, and choices … (His) riveting description of Lindbergh’s take-off and flight from New York to Paris keeps the audience mesmerized!”

— Janet Sailian, The Island Sand Paper, Ft Myers Beach, FL

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